The 14th International Sheikh Tusi Research Festival Call

 “Islamic Awakening”


Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei:

 “Compilations and Researches, these considerable charities, will remain for Islamic Academies and Seminaries



Research is the main field for thought emergence, theories interaction, knowledge analysis, old thought revivalism and dissemination of rationality. Research always form the basis of cultural, political, social and economic spheres in societies and has the main role in their stability. Although research field could be practiced by conferences, seminars, dialogues, teachings etc., but writing is the most important way to deal with serious subject matters. Introducing the best texts, writers and researchers is the right way for esteeming such a considerable issue.

Jamiah Al-Mostafa Al-Alamiah (Almostafa International University) decided to organize the 14th International Festival of Sheikh Tusi in the following parts:


General Part

  • Books, articles and dissertations published in the following topics:
  • The Quranic Sciences and Hadith (Rijal and Dirayah) 
  • History and Life of Prophet Mohammad and his progeny
  • Ethics
  • Islamic Philosophy and Theology
  • Islamic Law, Jurisprudence and principles of jurisprudence
  • Mysticism
  • Humanities (Management, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, etc.)
  • Literature and Literary Science, linguistics (syntax and morphology), logic


General Part Regulations

  • Deadline: August 22, 2011 (1390/5/31)
  • Published books in mentioned topics will be divided and scrutinized in three categories:           Compilation, Translation and Correction/Survey of texts.
  • All the publications must be published in 2010 (1389/1431).
  • Only the dissertations not presented in and under the supervision of     Jamiah   Al-Mostafa will be accepted personally, and all of the dissertations presented in one of the schools or branches of Jamiah, after the primary scrutiny, will be forwarded to the Festival Secretariat automatically.
  • Only the dissertations presented in 2011 (1390) will be accepted.
  • The Editor/ Author/Translator full name must be printed on the book cover.
  • Translations must be attached with original text.
  • Articles must be at least 5 pages enjoying a scientific-analytic approach.


Special Part

Islamic Revolution of Iran as a starting point for new Islamic Movements and awakening in contemporary years is a messenger for a novel revivalism of Islam. Notwithstanding of suppression from the international system and regional despotic countries, this revolution has major influences in regional and systemic levels, and this issue causes multiple researches. Researchers in the field of Islamic Revolution, political science and international relations are requested to contemplate on  analytical and critical dimensions of Islamic Revolution, and dont be satisfied just by trivial descriptive researches.

Al-Mostafa International University, as the chief organizer of International Festival of Sheikh Tusi, along with the Research Bureau, assigned the Special Part topic to “Islamic Awakening”, and Islamic Revolution Research Center will be the main supervisor and scientific guide responsible for this part.


Special Part Topics


  • Concepts, Entities and Specifications of Islamic Awakening
  • Backgrounds and Roots of Islamic Awakening
  • Process of Islamic Awakening in various countries
  • Islamic Awakening influences on world public opinion
  • Islamic Awakening and Islamic minorities in Non-Islamic countries


The role of Islamic Revolution of Iran in awakening the Islamic World

  • Declaring Islamic Revolution  and the obstacles on its way
  • Islamic Revolution of Iran and its influences on Islamic movements
  • Islamic Revolution of Iran and its influences on social and intellectual   systems in contemporary world
  • Muslim women, Islamic Revolution and recaptured identity in the world
  • Reflection of Islamic Revolution fundamental mottoes and messages in          Islamic world awakening
  • Suggestions and guidance for maintaining and spreading Islamic           Revolution goals in Islamic world


The role of religious thinkers and academies in Islamic awakening

  • The role of Islamic World thinkers in regional awakening
  • Views of Islamic World thinkers about the influences of Islamic Revolution on Muslims awakening
  • Organizing and improving the relationship between the Religious           Academies and International Society emphasizing on the Islamic awakening
  • The role of Islamic academic institutions in expansion of Islamic          awakening


Islamic awakening in the thoughts of Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei (the Supreme Leader)

  • The influences of Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khameneis thoughts on Islamic thinkers and Islamic Awakening
  • Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khameneis views on Dissemination of Islamic Revolution Concepts
  • Effective factors of Islamic Movements and their defiance to aggressive         International System in the thoughts of Imam Khomeini and Supreme   Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei
  • Strategies and responsibilities of Islamic Republic of Iran for Islamic    awakening in the thoughts of Imam Khomeini and Supreme Leader,   Ayatollah Khamenei
  • Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khameneis views about causes, obstacles and future of Islamic awakening
  • The opinions of Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei on the ideal government in the Islamic Countries


Islamic Awakening and the Future of World

  • Islamic World as a super power
  • Regional countries reactions to the Islamic awakening
  • Non-Islamic countries reactions to Islamic awakening
  • Islamic awakening and Globalization
  • Islamic awakening: opportunities and challenges


Special Part Regulations

  • Researchers must send details like Academic CV, affiliation and personal identity information (Name, Surname, Fathers Name, Nationality, Computer Code for students of Jamiah Al-Mostafa, University Graduate level, Postal Code, E-mail, Fax, Phone and Mobile Numbers)
  • Articles must include: Abstract (200 – 250 words), keywords, introduction, main body, conclusion and references
  • Articles must be written in Word 2003 (Font 14) with a PDF copy, in    15-20 pages (300 words per page), and should be forwarded to the Festival           Secretariat by CD or E-Mail until October 22,2011/ Dhu al-Qidah 24, 1432 /Mehr 30, 1390
  • The topics of the articles must include one of the aforementioned ones and    the articles must never have been published before
  • Evaluation of articles with unrelated topics depends on Scientific          Committee approval
  • Scientific Committee approval will specify preferred and selected articles for presentation in the Festival
  • Special Part Secretariat will publish Selected Articles as a book and      appreciate writers           appropriately
  • Official Language for Festival is Persian, but articles in Arabic, English,          French and           Urdu will be accepted too



Date of Festival:


Bahman 13, 1390 S.C

Rabi al-Awwal 9, 1433 A.H

Februrary 2, 2012


Festival Secretariat Address:

B.3, Jamiah Al-Olum Al-Islamiah, Almostafa International Reasearch Center, Salarieh junction, Amin Blvd, Qom, Iran



Phone:  00982512133382

Fax:    00982512133375






کليه حقوق اين وب سايت متعلق به جشنواره بين المللي-پژوهشي شيخ طوسي (ره) مي‌باشد.
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