The Fifteenth International Research Festival of Shaykh Ṭūsī With the Theme of ‘A Modern Islamic Civilization

The fifteenth international research festival of Shaykh Ṭūsī shall be held by the Deputy of Research of Al-Mustafa International University, with the collaboration of its research center. This years festival shall be run in the following two sections:

1 - Primary Section
The primary section shall be specifically for the students and researchers of Al-Mustafa International University. In this section, books, articles, research papers, and defended dissertations with the following subjects shall be examined and selected:
1- Qurān and Ḥadīth
2- History
3- Theology, Philosophy and Gnosticism
4- Ethics and Training
5- Religions and Religious Sects
6- Human Science Groups
7- Grammar (morphology, syntax, eloquence) and Logic

Terms and Conditions for the Primary Section
1- The final date of submission for the works shall be 21st August, 2012
2- Academic works shall be accepted under the following categories: authored, translation, research and correction of texts, dictation of texts, encyclopedic articles, and reference books.
3- The submitted works should have been published in the year 2011
4- Articles or defended dissertations that are submitted should be from the year 2011. Note: only the submission of articles and defended dissertations that were not in the educational system of Al-Mustafa International University shall be accepted physically. As for the articles and defended dissertations from one of the schools of Al-Mustafa University, or a school that is affiliated with it shall be submitted by means of the relevant schools to the secretariat of the festival and will not be accept physically.
5- The original translated book shall be attached with the submission of any translated works
6- The festival shall only allot one prize for any group work submissions
7- If any submissions are collectively completed by a group, the secretariat must be notified at the time of submission

2- Special Section of a Modern Islamic Civilization
The special section shall be held under the theme of ‘Modern Islamic Civilization. Both Iranian and non-Iranian researchers may submit their academic articles to the secretariat under the aforementioned subject with its main discussions centralized around one of the following issues:
Modern Islamic Civilization
A- General Discussions and Concepts
- The concept of modern Islamic civilization and the individual parts that form this concept
- The foundations and basis of a modern Islamic civilization
- What ‘whatness of a modern Islamic civilization
- A modern Islamic civilization from the viewpoint of the late Imam Khomeini and the Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Khamenei
- The viewpoints of modern thinkers regarding the manner of materializing a modern Islamic civilization

B- The Spiritual Foundations of a Modern Islamic Civilization
- The possibility of the materialization of Islamic civilizations (numerous civilizations)
- (check with office)
- A philosophy of Islamic history (Islamic sects) and a modern Islamic civilization
- Ethics, spirituality, rationality and a modern Islamic civilization
- Islamic human sciences, and the materialization of a modern Islamic civilization
- Islamic state system development and a modern Islamic civilization
- Capitalizing from historical experiences and geographical expansions for the materialization of a modern Islamic civilization.
- Areas/Centers and personalities that can be effective in the intellectual thought for a modern Islamic civilization
C- The Foundations for the Materialization of a Modern Islamic Civilization
- The potential within the Islamic nation for a modern Islamic civilization
- Strategies for the materialization of a modern Islamic civilization
- Islamic uprisings and Islamic revolutions, and a modern Islamic civilization
- -
- The Islamic awakening and a modern Islamic civilization
- The issue of the end of times and a modern Islamic civilization
D- Barriers for a Modern Islamic Civilization and Harms
- Barriers for a modern Islamic civilization and things that may be harmful to it
- The challenges and harms the Western civilization faces

Terms and Conditions of the Special Section
1- All researchers, intellectuals, be they from the Islamic seminaries or universities, be they Iranian or non-Iranian, shall be applicable to participate in the special section
2- Submissions of academic works shall be subject to the following conditions:
2.1 It should not have been published
2.2 It should not have been submitted in any other festival
3- Submissions of academic works shall meet the following requisites:
3.1 It should be typed in MS Word 2003
3.2 The MS Word file and a PDF file of it should be copied onto a CD or emailed to the secretariat of the festival
3.3 The submission must be registered on the site of the festival. In the event an applicant fails to register it on the festivals site, the submission will not be evaluated.
4- The final day of submission for academic works shall be the 5th of November 2012
5- Submissions shall be accepted in Arabic, English, Farsi, and Urdu

The Rules and Regulations of Writing
1- The academic articles in the special section should contain the following:
1.1 A title
1.2 A summary of the article within 300 words
1.3 A section for keywords of the article (no more than 10 words)
1.4 The main body of the article, which should be between 15 and 20 pages in length
1.5 Conclusion
1.6 References and Bibliography
2- References inside the text should be based on the Harvard referencing system which is as follows:
2.1 Surname of author, year of publication, volume number, page number
Reminder: Any added explanations, or English terms or Roman names (in the event the article is not English), should be placed at the end of the article under the title ‘Notes.

3- Bibliography
3.1 Book: surname, name, name of work (bold and italicized), name of co-authors, translator and editor (where applicable), edition number, place of publication, publisher, year of publication.
3.2 Article: surname, name, title of article (bold and italicized), name of publisher, year of publication, publication number.

Other than dissertations, all other submitted works shall not be returned.
Date of Festival:
January 2013
Address of Secretariat of the Festival:
Secretariat of Shaykh Tusis international festival, Al-Mustafa Univesitys International Research Center, unit three of Amin complex, Salariyyah intersection on Bulvar Amin, Qum, Iran
Telephone: +98 (251) - 2133382
Fax: +98 (251) - 2133375



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