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Call for Papers

TheSeventeenth International Research Festival of Shaykh Tousi

 (May his spirit be sanctified)

Secretariat of theSeventeenth International Research Festival of Shaykh Tousi (May his spirit be sanctified) is ready to receive scientific papers of professors, researchers and scholars of Al-Mustafa University (SAW), all Islamic seminaries researchers inside and abroad, as well as university professors and researchers.


Islamic world and Takfir (excommunication)phenomenon

(Contexts, Consequences, Relieving)



c) Contexts
1 – The historical background of Takfir phenomenon
2 – Principles of Takfir belief and its critique
3 – The political roots of Takfir phenomenon

4– Sociological analysis of Takfir phenomenon
5 – Sectarian biases and Takfir phenomenon
6 – The CharactersofTakfir leaders
7 – Understanding the Takfir cults
8 – Stemming the growing flow of the Takfir in some areas
9 – Review and critique of the Takfir literature and references


B) Consequences10–The Takfir and fight with the Islamic civilization.
11 –The Takfir and alignment with the ImperialistIslamophobia
12 –Takfir and terrorism
13 –Takfir and weakening of the UnifiedIslamic Ummah

14–The Takfir and dealing with religious symbols
15 –Takfir and violation of human dignity.
16 –Takfiri thought in virtual space

17– The rangeoftakfiri current in the world
18 – Consequences of takfiri current in non-Islamic countries


C) Relieving
19– Cultural cope with the phenomenon of violence and Takfir
20 – The mission of the religious scholars and elites in dealing with the phenomenon of Takfir
21 – Capacity of Islamic diplomacy in dealing with the phenomenon of Takfir
22 – The Sunnis critiques toward the Takfir
23 – Necessity for strengthening Taqrib (approximation)current

24– Religious followers and good controversy (Jidal al-Ahsan)
25 – Coexistence manners of religions and sects followers


Article SubmissionDeadline:11. 21. 2014

Note: the above titlesareproposal and all papers in line with the main issue, after confirmation of the festival Secretariat, will be accepted.


1.The volume of paper must be minimum 15 and maximum 25 pages A4;
2. Article has not been published so far;

3. Article has not been presented at any conference and festival;

4. Completing registration form, a copy of birth certificate or passport and a photograph;

5. Sending abstracts (about 200) words with original paper;

6.Sending electronic files of paper with the original paper.
Note: For more information, check out the call for papers guide in the festival website.



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